Google Now Includes Punctuation In Search Indexes

I didn't know that: until recently, Google ignored all punctuation symbols when indexing sites, which also meant they were ignored in searches. That has now changed, with seven common punctuation marks indexed by Google.

The seven punctuation marks which Google is now indexing are:

  • The percentage sign %
  • The dollar sign $
  • The forward slash \
  • The full stop .
  • The at symbol @
  • The hash symbol #
  • The plus sign +

That change follows a switch last October which meant that the plus sign could no longer be used to force Google to only show results including that term. (If you want to do that now, you have to use quotation marks around the term instead.)

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    Uhm Angus, a forward slag

      Gotta love phone keyboards.

      As I was saying. A forward slash looks like this /

      A back slash on the other hand looks like this \


      I'm a big fan of a good ol forward slag. Those ones who are all coy and stand-offish just aren't worth the trouble.

    How about including all punctuation and make it an option to search for the exact term?

    I am a very, very big fan of this search. When you're looking for a particular string, google not indexing the punctuation can be the difference between success or failure.

      Especially when you're searching for email addresses.

    Twitter will be happy. Wasn't there some tiff between them and Google a while back about how they weren't indexing hash tags or something?

    how do you search for two separated items enclosed in quotes? That never seems to work for me.

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