The Minimalist's Work And Play Space

Video editor and redditor Alex Mitchell put together this amazing video of his workspace — it's minimal, clean and has plenty of room to work (Macbook Pro) and play (his PlayStation 4). We love it. Here are some more photos.

The video above is a narrated walkthrough of everything, complete with his Dell U3415W ultrawide dispay, Macbook Pro, Razer Mamba mouse for work and play, PlayStation 4, a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones, all on top of a simple but good-looking IKEA-hacked desk. The desk itself is an ALEX drawer storage unit from IKEA on top of a KARLBY kitchen countertop with legs.

Alex says it's the first time he's shared anything like this, but the end results look great. He also says he needs to work on his cable management, and while sure, it could be better, we've certainly seen worse. Here's another shot from the Imgur gallery linked below:

The Minimalist's Work and Play Space

And here's a shot of the PS4 behind his Macbook Pro:

The Minimalist's Work and Play Space

He actually keeps his games and an 8 TB external hard drive in the cabinet next to his desk, and there's a shot of those in the gallery as well. Hit the link below to check them all out, or read more over at Reddit.

Desk Setup [Imgur via Reddit]


    I'd hardly call this minimalist if he needs a separate gaming console. If he had a PC he wouldn't, nor would he need a monitor. Then his desk would be truly minimalist.

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