A Simple, Single Cable Workspace

Today's featured workspace comes from Lifehacker reader H. Sterling Cross, who has put together a simple and compact setup for his MacBook Air. You'll notice it only has one cable, and that's thanks to the desk's built-in power supply and the great cable management of the Apple Thunderbolt Display.

Want to make a workspace like this one? Sterling was kind enough to list all the items he used. The MacBook Air is docked in a TwelveSouth BookArc and connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Display. Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Mouse — both with the carbon fibre treatment — are wirelessly connected. Music comes through the Swan M10 2.1 Speakers. Papers are stapled with Milton's favourite stapler, the Red Swingline 747. The light, glass desktop (which is more visible in this photo), and trashcan all come from IKEA. The desk comes from a Chicago-based company called Central Desk. For more photos, check out Sterling's full set.

Desk by H. Sterling Cross [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]




      At least it attempts to be a different article, and possible by mistake (as it was also from a different person)... Certain Gizmodo editors choose to blatantly repost the same article they posted months prior... (then they delete the very comments drawing attention to the fact)

        I was assuming it was an honest mistake- not a big deal.

        Personally, I didn't find that this particular workspace was that impressive anyway. An above average desk, with good cable management is how I would describe it.

        I do like the workspace postings on here though. Always good to see what bright ideas others have come up with.

    For $1000 the Display seems like a massive waste of money unless you actually need it for something important. You could buy an iMac (or build a hackintosh) for a bit more. Even another, cheaper monitor would suit (though I'm not sure whether you can only use Apple displays with MacBooks)

    I really like everything else though, especially the speakers and the stand. They go very well together.

    the american flag is quite off putting to!

      Lamer spelling.

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