iiNet Is Having A Massive Network Outage

iiNet Is Having A Massive Network Outage

Problems on iiNet’s network that started this morning at around 4am still haven’t been resolved, and a subsequent crash of the company’s contact centre has only added to customers’ frustrations. Ten hours on, iNet’s website suggests that a fix may be as many as three hours away.

The initial problem largely affected email and voice services, with users reporting an inability to log into email and recurring authentication errors. Some users also reported incredibly slow download speeds as a result of the problem.

The issue was only exacerbated a few hours later when another problem knocked out the company’s phone support lines, meaning customers were unable to call through for support.

iiNet says that the problem with email is due to an issue with one of its key servers. It has its engineers working on both problems as a highest priority, but in the meantime its staff are scrambling to answer customer questions and provide support over Twitter. With a number of businesses hosting email through iiNet, the day-long disruption has been felt by many.

Here’s the outage as it appears on Aussieoutages:

iiNet Is Having A Massive Network Outage

[Via Business Insider]


  • Balls! Also, is it me or have their phone contact lines gone down the toilet since they got acquired. They called me back 3 weeks after I lodged an issue (and eventually fixed it myself).

  • i’m a network engineer and the worst thing is trying to get them off-script when you know the faults at their end

  • It started way before 4am. I couldn’t access my iiNet email before going to bed last night, at like midnight AEST.

    My email started working just now, at around 5:30pm AEST.

  • It’s all Netflix’s fault. If the ISP’s wouldn’t give free bandwidth for it, then maybe those of us who don’t want that crap won’t be slowed down so much.

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