EasilyDo Mail Automatically Organises Your Email Into Common Sense Categories

iOS: You have countless options for email organisation tools, but EasilyDo Mail is an app that makes automated organisation of some common categories, like travel and newsletters, extremely easy.

EasilyDo Mail has everything you’d expect from a modern email client, including swipe gestures for snoozing and archiving, but the real appeal is its smart assistant tools. EasilyDo Mail automatically scans your email and organises email into a number of categories, including subscriptions, travel, packages, bills and receipts and entertainment. The subscriptions tab shows you all your newsletters and allows you to unsubscribe with a tap. The others group together emails so you can easily see travel-related emails, deliveries, any bills you have and entertainment emails like concert or movie tickets. You can then set up notifications if things change, like a package gets delivered or a flight is delayed.

EasilyDo Mail is similar to something like Inbox by Gmail, but works with a wider variety of email clients. It’s not great for work-related email, but for personal email, the automated organisation tools are useful for organising your inbox. The tech is based off the previously mentioned personal assistant, but when it’s jammed into an email client it makes things a lot more accessible.

EasilyDo Mail (Free) [iTunes App Store]

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