Stash Is A Bookmarking Tool With Automatic Organisation And Reminders

Web/Android/iOS: Bookmarking services like Pocket and Instapaper are great, but one place they fail a bit is organisation. Stash is a service that solves that by automatically organising your saved sites for you. Stash works exactly like any other bookmarking site where you can save articles from your browser or by using a mobile app. What sets it apart from similar services is the fact that it organises all those bookmarked articles automatically into categories like articles, books, files, images and movies. There’s also a reminders system so you can set up notifications to look at a specific article again at a later date. It’s a clever system that makes organisation less of a chore. That said, Stash is in clearly still in its infancy and doesn’t have a ton of the fancier features of a service like Pocket. It’s also on a waitlist system right now, so if you want to check it out you’ll want to drop an email address onto the list.

Stash (Free) [via TechCrunch ]


  • It’s great to see an app coming to fill the gap left by Instapaper, now it’s been taken over by Pinterest. The key would be whether or not it has highlighting.

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