The Mirrored Colour Dual-Monitor Desktop

The Mirrored Colour Dual-Monitor Desktop

We don't highlight dual display desktops nearly as often as I'd like, so when orbmeiser submitted this dual monitor setup, I took notice. He's running Netrunner Linux on dual displays, and here's what he used to set everything up.

Most of this stuff will be more useful for Linux users than Windows or OS X users, but at the very least you can get some of the similar features in Windows with Rainmeter and in OS X with GeekTool, but if you're running Linux of some stripe, here's what you'll need to get a similar effect:

There may be a little more at play here, but this is what Orbmeiser lists over at his Flickr page. If you have questions and want to duplicate the effects, make sure to head over there (linked below) and let him know you love his work, and ask your questions so you can get the same look there.

The Mirrored Colour Dual-Monitor Desktop

April Desktop Netrunner Plasma 5 Linux Dual Displays [Flickr]


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