The Buncho Desktop

The Buncho Desktop

Our friend and frequent featured desktop contributor Dobbie03 has switched from Windows back to Linux, and with gusto — his new Arch Linux desktop looks sharp. It's well-customised to fit his workflow, and we love Java Sparrows (aka bunchos.) Here's how he set it all up.

As always, our Linux featured desktops require a few more moving parts, and don't use a centralised suite like GeekTool or Rainmeter, but you can still get great results with just a little work. Here's what you'll need:

There are some moving parts and you'll have to tweak each to see if you like it, but that's the beauty of Linux in general — you can take or leave whichever elements you prefer to see if it all works for you, and then work with whatever you have that you like. Here's another shot of Dobbie03's desktop, with windows open:

The Buncho Desktop

If you have questions about the setup or design, or how to make everything work just so, just hit the link to Dobbie03's Kinja blog linked below to ask your questions or read more about how it's all set up.

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