Reminder: Telstra Is Giving Away Unlimited Free Data Today

Reminder: Telstra Is Giving Away Unlimited Free Data Today

On March 18, Telstra suffered from another massive network outage which left thousands of customers without access to phone coverage or data. In an attempt to make amends, the sheepish telco is offering customers a day of free, unlimited data (again) on April 3.

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This is the second time Telstra has offered free data as recompense for a data outage in as many months. During the last free data day, Telstra customers reportedly churned through a whopping 1841 terabytes; the equivalent of around 5.1 million episodes of Game of Thrones. According to the telco, it was the busiest day on the network ever.

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The most recent outage was caused when disconnected customers were all reconnected at the same time which caused congestion to the network. The connection problem began overseas with international roaming customers before flowing on to the domestic network.

The “sequel” to Telstra’s free data day kicks off Sunday 3 April and ends at midnight on the same day. Let’s see if we can break that 2000 terabyte ceiling. Torrents and game downloads at the ready!