Make Tasty Tapas-Style Olives With Leftover Sardine Or Anchovy Oil

Make Tasty Tapas-Style Olives with Leftover Sardine or Anchovy Oil

Keeping a can of anchovies or sardines in your cabinet is not a bad plan. Unless you're a Ninja Turtle, you probably appreciate the pungent, salty kick they give to sauces, salads and even pizza. If you've been draining the oil and tossing it, don't; it's a perfect partner for warm, garlicky olives. Photo by Neil Barnwell.

The idea comes from Food 52's recipe, which uses a whole can of anchovies — fish, oil and all — and sizzles them alongside plump, juicy olives for a salty, tapas-style snack.

I'm sure the crispy little fish are a nice addition, but if they're slated for another dish, set aside their flavourful packing oil and heat it in a pan with garlic, rosemary, chilli flakes and — of course — olives. Serve with white wine and crusty bread and be happy. (Unless, again, you are a Ninja Turtle, in which case you should go eat a marshmallow pizza or something.)

11 Reasons Anchovies Are Our Favourite Little Fishes [Food 52]


    WHAT? People throw anchovy oil out? Goddam this world is going to burn.

    Its the best bit, cooking, salads, drinking out of the jar, rubbing over my body.........

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