The Domination Of Android Explained In One Graph

The Domination Of Android Explained In One Graph

When the time comes to update your work phone fleet, you might want to consider an Android rollout over Windows Phone or iOS. As this graph shows, Google’s operating system is the most dominant OS by far — which means employees are a lot more likely to be familiar with it.

The chart above comes from statistics portal Statista. It shows the meteoric rise of the Android operating system in the mobile landscape; leaping to 81.6% of the entire market in just six years. iOS, meanwhile, has a total of 15.9%; a slight drop from its heyday in 2012.

[Via Business Insider]


  • The rise is because of multiple players with multiple devices at multiple price points while Apple were still deciding whether they wanted to change their icon designs or not.

      • Can’t read the WSJ as its locked behind signup/sub (not happening). Is that strictly hardware sales? If it is that’s absolutely no surprise. Apple hardware is horribly overpriced and has pretty large profit margins for them. The android market has a pretty healthy competition and if Sony/HTC can’t compete with Samsung or even googles nexus well im not sure i really see the problem with what your saying.

  • Android gives you a level of choice that Apple would just not allow. When you ‘buy’ an iPhone, you never own it because Apple tells you how and when you can use it. Buy and Android and it’s yours. Do what you like with it.

  • Presumably these are global figures. Some breakdown may tell a different story. There is probably a strong socio-economic correlation at play here viz:

    iPhones/iPads are generally expensive, so likely to be more common in Westernised nations and amongst professionals.

    Conversely, since Android is available no-cost to any manufacturer and happily runs on low-spec devices, it is more common in the more populous developing nations.

  • Worth mentioning here (I think I saw this on Gizmodo in the first place): Android has market dominance, but an app will probably make more money month-to-month on Windows for Mobiles (because the smaller market makes your app more prominent) and on iOS (reason not stated by that article, but likely because Android makes it easier to pirate.)

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