Briefly: Cosplay Conundrums, Superhero Movies Ranked, Cheap Makeup

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The curious case of cosplay Stockholm syndrome, superhero movies ranked, the Aussies lining up for Tesla's unseen Model 3.

  • Priceline is slashing cosmetics by 40% on April 6 and 7. Click here for details.
  • At its heart, cosplay is about dressing up as a character you love. But sometimes, the costume comes first and the love comes second — a kind of cosplay Stockholm Syndrome that manifests after inhabiting a character’s skin for a day. Kotaku investigates.
  • Earlier in the week, the Federal Court ruled that Valve was guilty of breaching Australian Consumer Law for failing to provide refunds for faulty games. We’ve now been given access to the full reasons for the judgement against Valve. Here's precisely why they lost the case.
  • Over 200 Australians have lined up to pre-order Tesla's unseen Model 3. Business Insider has the story.


    Haha. Came here out of curiosity specifically to see the movies ranked, and it's the only thing missing :)

      Did the exact same thing. Perhaps they are trying to increase their readership, because I read it twice thinking I missed something!

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