30 Travel Hacks For A Cheaper, Stress-Free Holiday [Infographic]

30 Travel Hacks For A Cheaper, Stress-Free Holiday [Infographic]

Whether you’re planning a weekend away or a full-blown trip overseas, it’s possible to save a significant amount of money with a little foresight and preparation. The following holiday hacks from travel insurance company Fast Cover offers advice for every step in the process, from flight bookings to hotel checkout.

We’ve covered many of these tips on our site already, but if you’re currently planning a trip away and time is of the essence, you can use this infographic as a last-minute check list. Start by deleting your browser history and cookies before searching for flight prices and go from there!

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[Via Fast Cover]


  • Suspending your health insurance might not be a good idea. If you are seriously ill the insurance will fly you home so that Medicare or your Australian health insurance will cover you, not them.
    Changing your car insurance if it is locked up in a garage to Fire and theft instead of comprehensive might be wise.

  • Sometimes, web check in allows you to choose your seats for free.
    Or simply request for the seats when you check in over the counter.

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