How Long Can You Holiday For On A $5k Budget? [Infographic]

How Long Can You Holiday For On A $5k Budget? [Infographic]

For a holiday to really feel like one, you need to go away for at least a couple of weeks: anything less and the stress of travel just isn’t worth it. If you’re planning an overseas holiday on a limited budget, it’s important to pick a city that will give you maximum bang-for-buck. This infographic from RateCity breaks down how long you can expect to stay away at 11 popular destinations for $5000 — including flights.

RateCity’s rankings are based on average travel and accomodation expenses, plus $100 spending per day for two people in the month of March. In an outcome that will surprise nobody that has ever been to Thailand, Bangkok came out on top with 15 nights. Interestingly, this managed to beat Bali overall, despite the latter destination’s cheaper flights from Australia.

It’s worth noting that the below rankings are based on average accomodation prices. If you don’t mind slumming it, you could probably stay in Bangkok all month and still have plenty of change in your pocket. Likewise, you can pick up hotel rooms in London for well under $200 per night. As with anything in life, it pays to do your research. Then again, if you want to holiday in style, it’s probably worthwhile spending a little bit extra.


  • Haha most west aussies could get 14 nights in Bali for just the cost of the Sydney return flights!

  • Haha the infographic says “Get the Most Bang for your Buck!” but then quotes prices for 4 star hotels. This is the opposite of bang for buck. You could easily stay in Cape Town or Bangkok or Bali or Tulum (an actual nice place within an hour of Cancun, as opposed to Cancun, which is not nice) for several months with $5000.

  • For two people from Perth to Bali, get a good deal with Airasia/Jetstar and a decent hotel is around $60 a night, in theory its possible to go for 2 and a half months on 5k, but this info graph doesn’t include food/drinks/entertainment

    • Did you not read the article above? It says sure you can spend less on accommodation, and it assumes $100/per day for two people… Making it 4 star across the locations means they are comparing them on a equal playing field. I for sure wouldn’t spend $313 a day on accommodation and food in Tokyo – I know cause I didn’t when I was last there (I stay lower than 4 star!)

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