Travel Hacks For Every Major Airport In Australia [Infographic]

Travel Hacks For Every Major Airport In Australia [Infographic]

If you’re travelling interstate, working out the most cost effective transport method can be tricky — do you grab a taxi from Sydney airport or take the train? Is the skybus your best bet in Melbourne or regular buses? This infographic lists the cheapest, fastest and most luxurious transport options for Australia’s eight major airports.

The below infographic comes from the accommodation site HotelClub. It shows how to get from the airport to the CBD in all major cities around Australia. In addition to listing the cheapest travel method for each state, there are options for luxury and time-strapped travellers too. Handily, the graph includes estimated journey time which will be particularly useful when planning your return journey.

[Via HotelClub]


    • The train from the airport is $17 when you use a Go Card. Even when you factor in the cost for the security deposit on the cardbor purchase a paper ticket, this is a still a better option than a taxi from Brisbane airport.

    • It’s equally absurd if you take the initial cost of the thing (amortized over 100 years) plus the annual running costs, then divide it by the number of passenger each year.

      Using a calculation like that you’d come to a ticket price of about $500.

  • It is Life Hacker, abuse of the word “hack” comes with the territory.

    Give the the good old days when a hack was breaking into computers/networks
    or some inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem.

  • Taxis are not necessarily the fastest affordable option. Depending on time of day, day of the week and airport, the wait can be quite long. I had a 30 minute wait at Tullamarine once.

    In which case, private hire becomes the better option. There is, of course, a markup but it may only be another 10 – 20% over a taxi. Which is worth it IMO to have transport waiting for you not the other way round.

  • For Adelaide Airport, a couple issues:

    The JetBus Express fares are normal Adelaide Metro Fares. Tickets are $5.20 most times, and $3.30 offpeak. Because of its limited hours, the normal JetBus (J1 & J2) run every 15 minutes, for the same price.

    You can also purchase an MetroCard (not GoCard) at the Airport from a vending machine in the bus stop. This way take advantage of the cheaper fares if you are going to be travelling a bit more often by public transport. The card is $5 plus you add initial credit. The fare charged to the card for $3.48 most times, and $1.91 off peak.

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