The Impact Of A Slow Website On Your Business Is Worse Than You Think [Infographic]

The Impact Of A Slow Website On Your Business Is Worse Than You Think [Infographic]

A sluggish or unresponsive website might be a “first world problem” — but it’s one that web users take very seriously. If your company relies on online commerce, speed and reliability are absolutely imperative — a slightly slower load time can result in customers taking their business elsewhere, never to return. This infographic looks at the different ways a slow website can burn a hole in your pocket.

When an online business starts to lose money, the blame is often laid at the products being sold. While this obviously plays a large part, you should also be evaluating your website speed — the amount of abandoned shopping carts and uncompleted sales could be directly linked to this number.

The infographic below comes from the web hosting reviews site Hosting Facts. As the website explains, your conversions and advertising revenues go down steadily without an active formulation of your website speed. The implosion process is so gradual that you may not initially realise what’s causing it.

Some of the facts and figures contained in the below infographic are pretty startling. In short, there’s no substitute for speed and reliability. If your website isn’t delivering a satisfactory user experience, make the necessary changes now.

[Via Hosting Facts]


  • To add to that – got a Pay wall? Instantly closing the page every time it comes up. The Australian comes to mind as the worst offender. I will happily find the article elsewhere or lose interest if it takes me to a pay wall or of it otherwise just takes more then about 3-5 seconds to load.

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