Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted details on the global PlayStation Network outage, terrible takeaway food products and butt play. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. PSA: PlayStation Network Is Down, No Estimated Time On When It Will Be Back Up
    For those who are still off from work and had planned a full day of gaming online on your PlayStation, we have some bad news: the PlayStation Network is experiencing an outage worldwide. Here’s what we know.
  2. Dick Smith Enters Voluntary Administration: How Will This Affect You?
    This morning, electronics retailer Dick Smith went into voluntary administration. You will probably know that this isn’t a good thing for the business but you may not know what this means to you as a consumer, especially if you have a product on layby or a Dick Smith gift card.
  3. Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 To Reach End Of Life On January 12
    There’s a lot of hate for Internet Explorer but many companies still use the outdated web browser for business continuity reasons. For those running older versions of Internet Explorer, it’s time to leave it behind or upgrade because Microsoft is ending support for the browser.
  4. Smartphone Showdown: Google Nexus 5X Vs OnePlus X
    Not everyone wants a phone so big it’s tough to slide into a pants pocket or use with one hand. Luckily, more manufacturers are hearing our cries, and two big contenders have stepped to the fore: Google’s Nexus 5X, and the OnePlus X. Both are slim, thin, and powerful — but not pricey. Here’s how they compare.
  5. The Worst Takeaway Product Of 2015 (As Voted By You) Last year, we asked you to vote for the worst-looking product from Takeaway Truth; a regular series where we compare fast food advertisements to the real thing. Well, the results are in and we’ve crowned your “winner”…
  6. Which Software Had The Most Vulnerabilities In 2015? (Hint: It's Not Windows)
    You’d think a Microsoft operating system or the notorious Adobe Flash would top a list of software with the most vulnerabilities last year. But according to security firm CVE Details, they didn’t nab first place on its annual software security bugs list. Apple’s Mac OS X took the top spot with 384 distinct vulnerabilities, but this doesn’t mean that Microsoft and Adobe should be cheering just yet.
  7. Is It Legal For Stores To Set Minimum Spends For Credit And Debit Card Transactions?
    I don’t know which is worse: a shop that doesn’t take card payments or a shop that has a minimum spend limit for card payments. All I know is, most people hate these two things. While we know stores aren’t obliged to support card payments, is it legal for them to enforce a minimum spend when you pay by debit or credit card?
  8. Raspberry Pi Zero Competitor C.H.I.P. Now Available For Pre-Order
    After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the miniature computer by Next Thing Co. called C.H.I.P. can now be pre-ordered by the general public. The C.H.I.P. is a direct competitor to the Raspberry Pi Zero but it does have one major difference: connectivity.
  9. Learning To Pick Locks Taught Me How Crappy Door Locks Really Are
    About a month ago, I picked up a training lockpick set. I’ve always been curious about how lock picking works and how difficult it really is. In the process of learning, I discovered not only how easy it was, but how to look beyond the lock when it comes to protecting my home.
  10. How To Take Your Butt Play To The Next Level With Prostate Massage
    After seeing a thousand late-night supplement ads on TV, you probably have a vague sense that prostate care is important for men. But did you also know that playing with your prostate can feel insanely good, and lead to explosive orgasms? Here’s how to keep your prostate healthy, and have a ton of fun doing so.


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