PSA: PlayStation Network Is Down, No Estimated Time On When It Will Be Back Up

PSA: PlayStation Network Is Down, No Estimated Time On When It Will Be Back Up

For those who are still off from work and had planned a full day of gaming online on your PlayStation, we have some bad news: the PlayStation Network is experiencing an outage worldwide. Here’s what we know.

The PlayStation Network Service Status page shows that all online services are experiencing issues and many gamers have reported that they were unable to access the gaming portal. The outage affects PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita users.

Sony has acknowledged that there is a problem but has not given a time as to when it expects the PlayStation Network to be up and running again:

Update – 5/1/2016 at 2:30pm – According to the PlayStation Network Service Status page, all services are now up and running.

[Via PlayStation Network Service Status]


  • Why do people have to do this I hope someone hacks them so they can feel what they r doing to us LIKE PISS OFF AND STOP BEING THAT PERSON.

  • They’re down again have been all day so jokes, you would think that after being hacked by 3 hacking groups in the past 5 years and having their servers down for weeks that they would smarten the fuck up and get stronger servers idk if they where hacked again but either way it pisses off thousands of us and even loses players and customers!

  • As the PSN is down I decided to go outside for some exercise. I think I am allergic to exercise as after 10 mins of it I started breathing fast, got sweaty and my heart rate went up.

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