Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 To Reach End Of Life On January 12

Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 To Reach End Of Life On January 12

There’s a lot of hate for Internet Explorer but many companies still use the outdated web browser for business continuity reasons. For those running older versions of Internet Explorer, it’s time to leave it behind or upgrade because Microsoft is ending support for the browser.

In the next cumulative update set to roll be rolled out next week for Windows operating systems, Microsoft will be including an “End of Life” patch which will prompt Internet Explorer 8,9 and 10 users to upgrade their browsers. These older versions of Internet Explorer will also no longer receive regular support and security fixes after January 12.

Internet Explorer is notorious for its clunkiness and being prone to security vulnerabilities but it still has a large enterprise user base. Even so, Microsoft is keen to shift people away from Internet Explorer and onto its newfangled Edge browser instead.

There is a way to disable the upgrade notifications for Internet Explorer and you can find the instructions here. Please do bear in mind that, as mentioned, Microsoft won’t be supporting the older Internet Explorer versions after January 12 so continue to use them at your own risk. It’s better to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or, better yet, swap over to a new browser entirely.

[Via Microsoft Support page]