Dealhacker: iTunes, PlayStation Network and Skype Cards On Sale

With another long weekend looming it's a good time to kick back and enjoy a new movie or some new music. Fortunately, there are lots of gift cards on sale this week so that you can get your hands on some discounted tunes or movies -– and even some cheap calls to loved ones.

Several retailers are offering iTunes cards at a 20 oer cent discount this week with Officeworks, Dick Smith, Coles, Myer and BP all getting in on the act. If you're about to head away, Newslink and Relay newsagents at the airports are offering the same deal – great for last minute gifts if you're about to visit loved ones or forgot to bring something extra home for the kids or other loved ones.

Woolworths is offering 30 per cent off on Skype credit and Dick Smith is offering 10 per cent off $50 cards on the PlayStation network.

Giftcards On Sale


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