Classic Hacks: How To Cook Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave

Classic Hacks: How To Cook Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave

If you were lucky enough to get today off for a proper long weekend, maybe you’re thinking about taking the time to cook yourself a proper breakfast. Instead of going straight to the stovetop, why not take the easy way out and cook your scrambled eggs in the microwave?

You all liked this convenient recipe back in 2011, so we decided to dig it back out for another year of low-effort, high-flavour breakfasts. I used to microwave a lot of eggs back in my student days, but none of them really tasted any good because I had a tendency to nuke all the moisture out of them. As it turns out, the secret is to microwave it for no longer than one minute at a time.

Here’s Angus’s easy microwave scrambled egg recipe:

• Place 2 eggs and 60 mls of milk (plus salt and pepper if you like) in a tall-ish microwave-proof jug or cooking utensil. Whip together with a fork until combined.
• Cover the dish. (I use a saucer; cling film is fine, but I find the saucer is less hassle to add and remove and means I’m not needlessly consuming cling film.)
• Microwave for 60 seconds. Remove the cover and stir.
• Re-cover and microwave for a further 60 seconds. Break up the now-fully-cooked egg with a fork, and you’re done.
Obviously you can add extra ingredients such as herbs, and you can start the process by melting a little butter or margarine in the bowl before adding the egg and milk if you like for extra flavouring.

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  • Prefer to use my steamer these days.. I usually do it in large batches.. but the use about half as much milk. So may be try 15ml of milk per egg, then add the equivalent of 15ml of crème fraîche per egg..

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