How To Make Fried Or Poached Eggs In The Microwave

How To Make Fried Or Poached Eggs In The Microwave

The conundrum of how to add more excitement to your work lunch is a pain felt by many of us. Do you stink up the kitchen by using the neglected stovetop and cooking sausages in the office? Or do you destroy a little piece of your soul and settle for a bland ham sandwich every day?

We’re here to say the answer is neither. You can find clever hacks that’ll allow you to throw together a tasty little lunch with limited trouble. One option is eggs.

We’ve shown you how to make scrambled eggs in the microwave before. But you can also make fried eggs and poached eggs in the microwave, and they’re just as easy. The folks at CHOW show you how to do it in this video.

For fried eggs, all you have to do is pre-heat your plate, swish a little butter around on it (both for flavour and so the egg won’t stick), and then crack an egg onto the plate. Pierce the yolk at the top gently so it won’t explode, and heat for 45 seconds. If it’s not done, keep cooking in 15-second increments.

Note: Different microwaves may need different timings so take these as a guide. 

For a poached egg, take a one-cup microwavable bowl and fill it with a half-cup of water. Crack an egg into the water, cover with a plate, and microwave for 60 seconds (again, it may be better to start off with less if your microwave’s power – some suggest doing it in 15-second increments). If it’s done, scoop it out with a slotted spoon. If not, give it another 10-20 seconds.

There you have it. A few seconds of very easy work and you have a hot element to add to your office lunch. Hello exciting salads, rice with a bit of texture and the odd hot breakfast – not too bad, hey?

Cook Eggs 3 Ways in the Microwave [CHOW]

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  • Nope, doesn’t work for me. The yolk explodes every time. It coats the inside of the microwave with tiny particles of egg which then get baked on very quickly if not removed immediately.

  • Pricking the yolk with a fork, in the case of poached eggs at least, seems to reduce the chances of an eggsplosion.

    A bit of vinegar (teaspoon) in the water helps the egg white to set faster, too.

    • Yep, for poached eggs in the microwave, I put a bit of vinegar in a bowl, fill with boiling water, crack my eggs, and microwave on high for 1:40 (change it depending on the microwave).

  • I knew I’d seen this article before – look at the age of the comments. I’m happy with the scrambled eggs, and the poached egg – but for fried eggs I DO like them actually fried. That’s where the FRIED egg flavour comes from, rather than the flattened poached egg flavour.

  • I poach my eggs in the microwave with no issues. I crack an egg into a BOWL (like the video actually shows, despite the article saying a cup) and then cover it with COLD water. It has to be completely covered with the water or it will explode. Then put it on for 90-110 seconds depending on the egg size. I don’t cover with a plate. Works just fine for me.

    I can’t see how “frying” an egg on a plate would work though. My eggs explode after 30 seconds if I don’t put enough water in the bowl, so putting one on a plate with no water…. not gonna work. : /

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