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It is easy to get overenthusiastic at the salad bar. I tend to both overestimate my appetite and underestimate the filling nature of fibre, and thus usually end up with at least half a cup of salad that is fully dressed with nowhere to go.

Unless it’s made of sturdy stuff, next-day salad is a sad affair, but only if you try to eat it as a salad. Cook it into a scramble, however, and you get to start your day on a very virtuous note.


Cheese is good way to upgrade a mediocre scramble — heck, it’s a good way to upgrade a mediocre anything — but it can also be used to elevate, rather than obscure. The following luscious creamy cheeses work much like a good backup singer; they accentuate the eggs while only pulling focus at choice moments.


In my mind, egg whites exist only as a delivery system for egg yolks. Though they are a great source of protein, whites have almost no flavour, which is why I’ve never understood those people who add more of them to their scramble. (I don’t understand athletes, is what I’m saying.) Yolks should be the star of any egg dish, even scrambles.

For the most custardy, creamy, flavourful scramble — that comes together in mere minutes — you need to increase your yolk content.


Add an egg to anything and your life instantly gets better. You can eat it on its own after it's cooked however which way, you can add it to pasta to make a carbonara, you could make dessert with it and heck, even make drinks with it. It’s the perfect food. Here are 12 things you can do with an egg, filmed in such a beautiful away that you'll start craving the whole dozen.