Dealhacker: 55" UHD Samsung TV For $1359 From Bing Lee (NSW/ACT Only)

The day will come, eventually, when we're installing giant, seamless panels in our living room walls to consume our media, or beaming images directly into our eyeballs. Until that glorious, future day, filled with bizarre optical injuries and completely glass houses, big-arse television screens will have to do. And if you want big, it's hard to go past this deal for a 55-inch Samsung UHD unit for $1395.

What's UHD in pixel terms? 3840 x 2160. So a lot.

As always, there are a few things to be aware of. First, while the deal is available via eBay, you can only cash in if you're prepared to walk into a store.

Bing Lee, the retailer offering the TV, has the majority of its locations in NSW and the ACT... though (most) Victorians willing to go for a very long drive can hit up shops in Albury and Wodonga. For a full list of locations, you can hit up the Bing Lee website.

You'll also need to enter the following code during checkout:


That's it, basically. It doesn't appear to be a group deal, so no stock counter, but the code is only valid until tomorrow, so you'll need to use it soon.

NEW Samsung - Series 6 55" JU6400 UHD LED TV from Bing Lee [eBay, via OzBargain]


    Hmmm, I'm in Victoria and I saw a 60-inch for sale in my local Aldi a couple of days ago for the same price $1,300

      Although that has extra inches, I'd take the Samsung over an Aldi product any day.

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