Steam Rice With Orange Rind For A Brighter Flavour

Steam Rice with Orange Rind for a Brighter Flavour

There are many ways to perk up a bland rice routine, from adding a few pinches of saffron to steeping rice in beer to enhance its nutty qualities.

Photo by David Yip.

One method to boost the flavour of plain rice without upping the calorie count is to throw a few orange skin peels into a boiling pot of rice or a rice cooker. Southeast Asian food blogger David Yip recommends scraping away the pith to prevent bitterness, then adding oil and salt to bring out the full flavours of both the rice and citrus.

The result is a bright, aromatic rice without much extra effort or cost. It's also a fantastic way to make use of an ingredient that would otherwise make its way to the scrap pile.


    You can also lightly grate the orange rind into the rice, just make sure you don't grate too deeply and get into the pith.
    Mix it into the cooked rice at the end, and it adds quite a nice flavour.

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