It’s A National Tragedy: Toobs Have Been Discontinued

It’s A National Tragedy: Toobs Have Been Discontinued

We regret to inform you that the Smith’s Snackfood Company has stopped making Toobs. The tangy tomato crisp — a favourite of Lifehacker — will no longer be sold due to a slump in sales. Worst Friday ever.

You may have noticed that bags of Toobs have been conspicuously absent from supermarket shelves in recent months. Unfortunately, it turns out that our worst fears have been realised.

When queried about the snack’s disappearance, Smith’s Consumer Information Centre sent the following reply to a Lifehacker reader who forwarded it on to us:

It is with a heavy heart that we advise Toobs is no longer available. Consumer demand for this tangy, tomatoey treat has declined and it is no longer possible to justify ongoing production. To our loyal Toobs fans out there, sincere thanks for your support.

We’ve investigated the validity of the email exchange and it unfortunately checks out: Toobs are dead.

Invented back in 1954, the Toobs brand has been a staple in supermarkets, convenience stores and pool canteens for several generations. The snack was previously discontinued in the ’90s but returned to shelves in 2006 due to customer demand. Sadly, it appears these customers eventually stopped buying.

Lifehacker’s commercial editor and cosplay/tech celebrity Rae Johnston has indicated her intention to start a Twitter campaign to bring Toobs back.

“I am not okay with this,” Johnston said earlier.

It’s been a bad year for retro snack addicts: back in July, Allen’s announced it would be killing off a range of old school confectionery including Spearmint Leaves — another Lifehacker favourite — Marella Jubes and Green Frogs.

If this is what growing up feels like, book me a return ticket to the womb. I seriously haven’t felt this bad since they pulled Monster Munch in the ’80s. What are they planning to take away next? Cherry Ripe? Violet Crumble? Nothing is safe.

Apparently, it’s still possible to snap up Toobs from select supermarkets but stocks won’t last forever — so get out there and start hoarding now! (I hereby stake my claim on all supermarkets between Circular Quay and Katoomba in NSW — you have been warned.)


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