RIP: Five Iconic Aussie Treats That Became Extinct

Australian snacks that have died out include Toobs, original Shapes, sunnyboys, Allen's lollies and original PringlesImage Credits: University of Colorado Denver

These past few years have not been kind to Australian snack lovers. Childhood favourites have been culled and the nation grieved for the loss of a number of iconic local treats. We look back at five local favourites that are gone forever.

#1 Sunnyboy Ice Blocks

Last year, Australians mourned the death of an iconic snack: Sunnyboy ice blocks. These tetrahedral-shaped treats were a staple at truck stops, corner stores and milk bars. They were a cheap treat for impecunious school kids but declined in popularity and were sadly given the chop by food manufacturer The Daily Drinks Co.

Australians took to Twitter to express their sadness over the loss of Sunnyboys.

#2 Toobs

In 2015, Lifehacker Australia confirmed that Smith's Snackfood Company had stopped making Toobs, our favourite tangy tomato crisp. It was quietly discontinued due to a slump in sales.

The company told us at the time:

"It is with a heavy heart that we advise Toobs is no longer available. Consumer demand for this tangy, tomatoey treat has declined and it is no longer possible to justify ongoing production. To our loyal Toobs fans out there, sincere thanks for your support."

It was one of Lifehacker Australia's biggest stories of 2015 and brought Toob lovers out of the woodworks to express their grief over the loss of the crispy rings.

#3 Original Shapes

Arnotts Old Shapes vs new Shapes

In March 2016, Arnott's made the mistake of tampering with the original recipe for its Shapes range in order to make them healthier. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

At the time, we did a Taste Test to compare the old and new Shapes. Suffice to say the "New and Improved" recipe left a lot to be desired. Kotaku Australia editor Alex Walker summed it up nicely:

Arnott’s hasn’t just messed with an institution. They’ve taken one of the most treasured memories and tastes of my childhood, cracked open my stomach and dropped an enormous, corporate dump on everything I loved.

How on God’s green fucking earth did they ruin Shapes so badly?

The public outrage was palpable. Arnott's was forced to bring back the original BBQ and Pizza Shapes flavours, which would be sold alongside the "New and Improved" range. But some of the other classic Shapes flavours did not survive.

#4 A Whole Bunch Of Allen's Lollies

It was revealed that Allen's were giving a ton of its lollies range the chop, including Green Frogs, Marella Jubes, and Spearmint Leaves. Again, the decision was mainly based on profits; the lollies weren't pulling in enough money so they had to be shelved so that Allen's could "streamline its portfolio."

Australians are now more health conscious and sugary confectionaries are getting the chop from shopping lists, which has contributed to the dip in sales for the discontinued Allen's lollies.

The good news is Redskins lived through the culling and are here to stay. Although it might be time to update that culturally intensive name.

#5 Original Pringles

While it's a snack that originated in the US, Pringles' catchy jingles and unique packaging made it a popular crisp in Australia. Earlier this year, the snack reinvented itself and the "new and improved" range completely replaced the traditional version.

"New and improved" is a bit misleading given Pringles are now smaller and fattier than before. You can't even fit your hand inside the shrunken down tin anymore, which was one of the appealing aspects of the original Pringles. The new version also tasted like garbage.

You can see our first impressions Taste-Test here.

This story has been updated since its original publication.


    Wait, what? No more sunnyboys? My current freezer-full might be my last?
    Crap... Definitely stocking up if/when I see them next...

      zooper doopers FTW!

        Meh, zooper doopers are fine, but you have to have like four of them before you start to approach the awseomeness and heat relief of a good sunnyboy.
        Plus, zooper doopers come in variety packs with a ton of crappy flavours. With Sunnyboys you can just buy the cola ones and be done with it (or orange, if that's your thing)

          yeh but you can fit a zooper dooper in your mouth and they have much better flavors (new sour ones now)

          And how is having to have 4 of them a downside?

    If I may add to the list; Country Cheese and Chedz biscuits.

    The brand may still be around but they have changed the recipe. Now, I wouldn't even use the stuff to blot up used engine oil.

      Ditto Gaytimes and Twisties. It's like eating the Madame Tussaud's version of the originals.

    “How on God’s green fucking earth did they ruin Shapes so badly?”

    You clearly fail to remember when Campbell's bought out Arnotts. Almost overnight the Shapes had less flavour and more salt. That was the first time they ruined Shapes. This is the second.

    And yes, the “New and improved” flavour sucks as well.

    I would also like to add to old Hazelnut Roll and Twin Pole to the conversation. Those were the days.

    Orange cordial + water + freezer = home made Sunny Boy. That's the easy part.
    Getting that iconic shape is the tricky part. Best I could do was re-use old containers.

    I don't know that I ever had a Toob, they were just Burger Ring knock-offs and we don't need them.

    Shapes have changed several times in their history and the most recent one is not even close to the biggest. When they went from fried to baked the biscuit itself changed, and not for the better. OTOH, the new change seems to me to have made them much more consistent. before you would sometimes get biscuits with heaps of flavour but at other times there would hardly be any. It was extremely frustrating. The new ones taste slightly different but I wouldn't necessarily say they were worse.

    As for Allens, their lollies haven't tasted any good for years. Snakes and jelly babies don't taste anything like they did when I was a kid and now they both taste the same, where they used to be quite different in flavour and texture. Jelly lollies are all awful now, Starburst is about the only brand I can stomach.

    Pringles were always rubbish, a very poor excuse for a chip.

      I think you'll find Toobs were around long before Burger Rings, and the taste and texture was different. There is much competition in that area though with Burger Man emulating a similar snack in a different shape.
      Refer - and

      If you've never had toobs, how do you know they were a burger rings knock off?
      They didn't taste similar at all - one is corn based one is potato based and toobs were a tangy tomato flavour, burger rings were, well "burger" flavoured.

    What about the Polly Waffle?

    does anyone remember the Paddle Pop which was Banana split i think.
    and it was chocolate icecream, then strawberry, then banana, and it had a hard chocolate coating on the top banana layer of icecream?
    and snips - the milk version of Sonny Boys. iu used to love me some chocolate snips.

    Most of you young whippersnappers never knew the joy that was a real Choo Choo bar, not the toffeeish substitute they have these days.
    Or even better, Lucky Boy Licquorice "Cigarettes".
    Mmmmm, now, there was a show bag.

    The original pizza shapes aren't actually the same as the original shapes imo. I'm not sure what it is exactly, the seasoning maybe? but they aren't quite the same.

    Fags and Big Boss Cigars.

    I know they rolled with "Fads" for a bit but I haven't seen them in years.

    Weirdly enough, I find the "new & improved" BBQ shapes to taste kind of like Toobs.

    I still don't eat them though.

    C'mon Lifehacker, this was just reposted a month ago.

    The pringles still hurt the most.

    They were good, god dammit. Why make them awful?!

    - Chicken in a biscuit
    - Dixie drumsticks
    - Kettle "herb and spice" (this one hurts me the most.....they were SO GOOD)
    - The REAL milo bar....that was a brick of compressed milo covered in chocolate...mmmmmm the one they released later was crap
    - Chips ahoy


    Space Food Sticks...we had them while the US didn't and then they quietly faded away :( Gone but not forgotten....

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