Which Australian Cities Are The Most Expensive For Holidays?

Which Australian Cities Are The Most Expensive For Holidays?

With the weather heating up, many Australians are starting to plan domestic holidays and weekends away. According to the latest Roy Morgan research, some destinations cost significantly more than others on a per night basis with a lot of variation in capital-city holidays. If you’re on a tight budget, its findings are definitely worth a look.

The Roy Morgan Holiday Tracker analysed the spending habits of more than 12 million holidaymakers to work out the average cost for domestic trips in Australia. Across the country, the average spend per head/per night works out to $150. Naturally, capital cities cost more, with the total varying considerably from state to state:

Nobody will be surprised to learn that the country’s two most populous cities, Sydney and Melbourne, are more expensive on a per-person/per-night basis than any other capital. Aussies who took their last holiday in either of these two cities shelled out $197 per person per night on average.

Hobart also costs significantly more than the national average, with a per night/head cost of $186. This means that a week in Hobert would set you back a premium of $252 compared to most other cities in Australia.

Despite its tourist-friendly climate, Brisbane averaged out at a surprisingly affordable $158 per night — nearly $40 cheaper than Melbourne or Sydney. Canberra, meanwhile, is the most affordable capital city with an average nightly spend of $151.

You can see a full breakdown of what each capital city costs on average in the below table:

As Roy Morgan points out in a blog post about the findings, canny travellers would be better off avoiding capital cities altogether. For example, the North, Far North and South Coasts of NSW have an average per-person/per-night cost of $117, $136 and $115, respectively. Queensland’s Hervey Bay/Fraser Island region also comes in below the national average at $136.

Of course, the cost of travel also needs to be factored into your holiday — if you live nowhere near the Far North of NSW but Sydney is 40 minutes away, you’ll probably find it more affordable (and less of a hassle) to choose the latter. Obviously, a clever online booking strategy will also help you score hotel rooms well below the average price.

[Via Roy Morgan Research]


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