Ask LH: How Can I Blog About My Crappy Workplace Without Them Finding Out?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m planning on starting a blog mainly to vent about issues surrounding the niche industry I work in. While I won’t be doing anything illegal, it would certainly not go down well with my current employer and clients. Do you have any tips for remaining anonymous? Shallow Throat

Dear ST,

The key to anonymity is pretty simple: don’t use names, dates or any other specifics that have the potential to be traced back to you. While it might be tempting to call out your company by name, this will vastly increase the odds of being identified and will leave you feeling constantly paranoid.

Last year, we ran a regular feature called Accidental IT Pro which was written by “Jason Dean” (not his real name). It dealt with the bumbling stupidity he encountered as an IT account manager. In addition to being frequently hilarious, the series successfully pinpointed common issues within the industry without naming names. In short, you need to hit your message hard while keeping the details vague.

Regardless of how niche your industry is, it’s highly unlikely that you’re the only disgruntled employee out there. As long as you stick to the above rule, you should be pretty safe from detection. In any event, the internet is a pretty big place — it’s entirely possible that your boss will never see the blog.

If the above doesn’t sound ideal, you need to asses why you want to write the blog in the first place? If you want to highlight common problems in the industry or simply need a place to vent, then the actual name of your company isn’t important. If, on the other hand, you want to damage your employer’s reputation, it’s probably time to look for another job. We advise putting your efforts into that instead of petty revenge.

You can find tips on starting a writing career and the best blogging platforms to use here and here, respectively. Good luck!


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