Telstra Doubles Data Caps For Netflix-Binging Customers

Telstra Doubles Data Caps For Netflix-Binging Customers

Good news for video streaming addicts: Telstra has quietly increased data allowances for existing ADSL, ADSL2+, NBN and Cable customers to meet an increase in demand. So how much extra data will customers be getting? That all depends on your plan — with some lucky customers receiving an additional 500GB per month.

The amount of bonus data you’ll receive will come down to which Telstra plan you signed up for. The deal is being offered on all existing plans that launched prior to 30 June 2015. In other words, practically everyone should be getting an increase. Here’s a look at some of the new data amounts compared to the previous monthly data caps:

Old Data Cap New Data Cap Extra Data Amount
100GB 200GB 100GB
200GB 500GB 300GB
500GB 1TB 500GB

I think you’ll agree that’s not too shabby at all. If you’re on a Telstra plan that qualifies, your data cap should be automatically adjusted in your next billing cycle.

The new data allowances were reportedly introduced by the telco to meet the demand generated by video streaming services such as Netflix as well as Telstra’s national Wi-Fi network. With any luck, rival telcos will follow suit in the months to come.

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  • Is this a new increase, or the same one that took place a couple of months ago completing its rollout?

    • Hence the “quietly increased” line — not everyone was aware of the increase so we thought it was worth a mention.

    • I certainly didn’t know, I hope my folks’ plan is included in this! Thanks @chrisjager!

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