Telstra Expands Data Allowances In Postpaid Add-On Packs

Telstra has substantially increased the download volume in its data packs for adding to existing postpaid mobile phone plans, boosting the cheapest $10 plan fivehold to 1GB and topping out with a $69, 12GB plan.

As Nick over at Gizmodo notes, the practical upshot of this is that you can get a pretty decent data plus calls bundle with 5GB included for under $80. That said, if you're not tethering, 1GB will take quite a while to get through. Telstra has also modified the data allowances on its existing cap plans; current customers can switch to the higher levels, though you have to call up to get that to happen.

Telstra [via Gizmodo]


    Any news on the business plans getting this same kind of overhaul?

    Thanks Lifehacker. I called them up and got the bump to 1GB to my existing data pack. Extra MB for $0 is always a good trade.

    All went swimmingly well and smooth, rest of this month is prorated and then the full allotment kicks in next bill cycle.

    called up telstra, they first told me that they did'nt know about the upgrade but got the guy to do some checking and then in no time I was upgraded. looks like staff have not been told about the upgrade as of yet.

    No update to the business plans yet. :(

    Yeah I also tried calling up, got a guy didn't know how to do it. He checked with his supervisor who said it can't be done and I had to go into the store. Clearly some training needs to happen at Telstra.

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