Sneak Peek: Highlights From IKEA's 2016 Catalogue

Next month, IKEA will release its 2016 Australian catalogue; which means a swathe of new furniture hacks will soon be on the horizon. Here are a few products that caught our eye while thumbing through the Swedish conglomerate's latest tome.

This year's IKEA catalogue focuses on work, family, kitchens and bedrooms — all staple Lifehacker topics. The print version won't be out until September but we were given a sneak peak by the nice folk at IKEA. Here are some highlights.

Hindo: $178

Cabinet shelving unit suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Constructed from galvanised steel with polyester powder coating and polyamide plastic.

IKEA 365+: $9.99

Jug with lid, clear glass, cork. Constructed from heat-resistant glass and cork.

Jansjo: $29.99

Copper-coloured LED work lamp. Constructed from copper-plated steel, clear lacquer and aluminium.

Lisabo: $199

Ash veneer table. Constructed from Ash veneer, solid birch, tinted clear acrylic lacquer, fibreboard and birch plywood.

Norden: $299

Birch Gateleg table. Constructed from solid birch, clear acrylic lacquer, birch plywood and fibreboard.

Oloftorp: $249

Black storage unit. Constructed from solid pine, stain, moulded plywood, and pine plywood.

Varv: $49.99

Table lamp. Constructed from steel, acrylic paint, polyurethane and nylon.

Tyssedal: $609

White bed frame. Constructed from galvanised steel, solid birch, acrylic paint, fibreboard, beech veneer, birch veneer, foil, synthetic rubber and polypropylene.

IKEA's 2016 Australian catalogue will be out on September 1.


    Are IKEA going to bring their range of wireless chargers to Australia?

    I got one in my letter box last weekend, so I'm guessing they've released it a bit early?

    Last edited 20/08/15 12:21 pm

    Don't know about 1st September received mine in mail yesterday.

    I think the title is mean to be "peek" and not "peak"?

      It was actually a clever wordplay referring to how IKEA is at the top of furn-Nah. I've got nothing.

    Got this in the mail a few days ago (yesterday?) So early leak. Like the water jug with cork lid, but what's with all the names? Reminds me of this:

      What's wrong with the names? ...have you never IKEA'd before or something? :/

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