Seven Things To Take Note Of In The IKEA 2015 Australia Catalogue

Seven Things To Take Note Of In The IKEA 2015 Australia Catalogue

IKEA’s 2015 catalogue is out online now (the print version hits stores on 1 September). Here are seven new developments that are worth highlighting — including an unexpected reprieve for one supposedly cancelled line.

As well as being viewable online in a fully searchable form, you can get the catalogue as an iOS or Android app. If you’ve ever seen an IKEA catalogue before, the format will be familiar: glossy photography showing off entire rooms furnished with IKEA furniture at the front and with new products highlighted, more detailed listings sorted by category at the back.

While once the catalogue might fairly have claimed to list almost everything in the store, that’s no longer the case — a visit to the store or the web site will highlight lots of stuff that simply isn’t featured, especially in the marketplace. For all that, the catalogue does reveal some items of interest to bargain-minded IKEA shoppers. Here are seven to start with.

(Note: this commentary is based on the East Coast IKEA stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. WA and SA are run separately — we’d expect most details to be similar but some prices, in particular, might vary.)

1. The Expedit bookshelf is officially dead

Expedit bookcase had been canned

2. The Galant lives!

reports suggested it would be replaced

3. A new standing desk

convert IKEA gear into a standing desk

4. No sales coupons

5. Sales are still happening

6. New stores coming

7. No price rises for a year

high prices for IKEA relative to other countries


    • I went into IKEA the other day and the Kallax looks almost identical, and in the same colours. The major difference was the main members were of a thinner profile meaning you can fit it into smaller spaces. This makes sense as IKEA don’t have to retool for all the accessories.

  • $3.50 for 5 meatballs, $8 for 10. 3.50 x 2 = $7 for 10 meatballs. all the other stuff is the same.. Shouldn’t it cost the same or less? Why would anyone buy it this way?

  • I received the paper version of the catalogue in my mail box despite a HUGE “No Junk Mail” sticker.
    “Oh look… IKEA have printed a huge chunk of the internet and delivered it to every house!”
    What a waste of environmental resources. I’m very disappointed!
    I’ve contacted IKEA and asked for them to retrieve the catalogue so that it might be given to somebody who might make better use of it. So far they have not done so, and don’t seem to care.

  • I wouldn`t be too worried about you paying more than the Americans.
    There is no IKEA in NZ but there is an agent called MY FLAT PACK Ltd who charges anywhere between 250% to 450% more than the Aussies pricing
    eg A stool at $14.99 is Sydney is $69.00 from them

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