Make Easy Fudge Popsicles With Nutella

Make Easy Fudge Popsicles With Nutella

The chocolate-hazelnut spread known as Nutella isn’t just bread’s best friend — it can also star in a killer cocktail and replace cocoa powder in hot chocolate. Even more proof of its awesomeness: Nutella can be the go-to in a two-ingredient fudge popsicle.

There are two ways to make a basic Nutella popsicle. One option is to whisk Nutella or any other chocolate spread with a warm milk of your choice (anything from whole to skim to dairy-free almond will work). Another alternative is to blend Nutella with bananas to add some fruit and fibre into your diet.

One word: yum. The banana option is a great way to make use of a bunch of overripe bananas, too.

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