How Much Nutella Do You Eat?

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While it originated in Italy, Nutella has become a popular chocolate spread in Australia. Most of us probably don't think twice before scooping a heap of it out of the jar and slathering it all over bread, ice-cream or just eating it straight up. But how big should one serving size of Nutella be? This is something that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over in the US is trying to find out after the makers of Nutella claimed the current serving size for Nutella in the US, which is classified as a dessert food, is way too big.

We want throw this question to our readers: How much Nutella do you eat as one serving?

Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, said the hazelnut chocolate has been misclassified as a dessert topping for far too long. This means the recommended serving size is set at two tablespoons, which is too much, according to Ferrero. Each serving totals 200 calories, half of which are from fat, and contains 21 grams of sugar.

While Nutella is put in all sorts of food like ice cream and waffles, the company said 60% of Nutella consumers spread it on toast wants the serving size reduced to 1 tablespoon (15g) on official labels in the US, which aligns with other jams and jelly spreads. One tablespoon is also the standard serving size for Nutella in Australia.

So, Lifehacker Australia readers, we want know how much Nutella do you eat as one serving?

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    To be honest, we've got a half eaten jar in the pantry that's been there for I don't know how long. Every few years the desire hits and we'll get some but I should probably be getting the smallest jar available. We never get through it before we are done.

      I got a giant jar for my birthday last year... I'll be going through that for the next 10 years.

    We don't eat Nutella - as the name suggests it contains nuts - hazelnuts to be exact. Which my son is allergic to, so sadly we miss out on this yummy food.

    Way too much?

    I have a horrible habit of just taking a spoon to the jar directly. If I had one of those catering-sized jars I'd probably just stick my hand in.


    Sometimes it's not served by itself, but it's in a dessert that's on the menu. In that case I also eat zero.

    Hazelnuts. Bleah.

      I'm the same as you. I don't like hazelnuts, therefore do not like Nutella. You can definitely taste the hazelnuts in it.

        No one likes hazelnuts. They're horrible. But combined with chocolate, they're a completely new species.

    Middle of the night snack...
    Wake up, glass or two of milk and a teaspoon (with long handle) and I go at it. I used to go though maybe a 2-3kg a month.
    Unfortunately it has stopped. I'm trying to put on some healthy weight rather than Nutella weight :-)

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