Woolworths Is Planning A New Mobile Service, This Time With Telstra

Woolworths' initial attempts at selling its own branded mobile plans using the Optus network ended with a quiet withdrawal from the market back in September 2013. Now it's planning to try again — this time with Telstra.

Picture: monkeyc.net

Woolworths has announced that it has signed a wholesale agreement with Telstra and will be launching its own branded services later this year. Like Boost Mobile, the other major reseller using Telstra, Woolworths only has access to Telstra's 3G network, which means lower data speeds.

Beyond that, we don't have any details on launch date, but we'll keep you posted. We'd assume that a prepaid/month-to-month model is the most likely approach, and we'll hope Woolies doesn't adopt the anti-tethering policy it had in place last time around. Presuming you don't want to hang around and wait, check out our recommendations for the best prepaid deals right now.


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