Use Leftover Noodle Seasoning In Eggs For A Flavourful, Fluffy Omelette

Making ramen with your own seasonings lets you ramp up an instant product to tasty heights, but if it leaves you with seasoning packets with no obvious use. Chef David Chang has a great application in this video: The ramlet — a properly prepared French omelette, seasoned with ramen packets.

We're no stranger to Chef Chang's ramen packet tricks — we've shown you how he uses them to make a delicious dip. This is a simpler application perfect for a Sunday brunch.

You're just using ramen seasoning as the spices in your scrambled eggs — add the ramen seasoning before you beat the eggs, and cook them however you like. In the video above, he rolls a proper omelette, complete with fluffier, loose scrambled eggs on top, but you can just scramble them or make any type of omelette you prefer. The important thing to remember though is that because ramen seasoning is largely salt (and MSG) you don't need to add any to your eggs after the fact.

Hit play on the video above to see the process in action, step by step, or the link below to get the recipe.

People Cooking Things: David Chang Cooking a Ramlet [Lucky Peach]


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