Use Leftover Noodle Seasoning Packets For A Delicious Dip

Use Leftover Noodle Seasoning Packets for a Delicious Dip

Instant noodles can be very handy, but you'll often get a better and less salty result if you don't rely on the little seasoning packets that come in the package. Don't throw them away though — they actually make a fantastic dip for tortilla or potato chips.

The folks over at Lucky Peach have a great suggestion for any seasoning packets you may have left lying around your pantry: mix them up with some sour cream, and use it for dip.

I've tried this one myself, and can vouch for it. It tastes great (especially the "oriental" flavour, although I imagine prawn or chicken would work too) and you don't need to add anything else.

Potato Chips & Ramen Dip [Lucky Peach]


    This should have been titled "How to add extra MSG to your dips" :-/

      Fun fact: MSG occurs naturally in tomato, some cheeses & mushrooms among other things so be sure to avoid those at all costs because MSG is the work of the devil and will give you cancer!!

    Shout out to Nong Shim' Shin Ramyun in the pic!!

    A better tip would be... don't buy instant noodles and artificial flavouring packets.

      you go to hell, you go to hell and you die!!!

      Mi Goreng should be a staple part of your diet!!!

        best reply ever :)

        Last edited 11/02/15 4:07 pm

    what about the cancer-causing wax coating on the noodles... huh.... what about that....forget msg.

    * caution: preying on the gullible may be hazardous to your health

    Sounds like a similar abomination to Kiwi Dip.

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