UberX Just Got Cheaper In Perth And Melbourne

UberX Just Got Cheaper In Perth And Melbourne

Sorry Sydney, nothing for you today. If you live in Perth however, uberX trips are now up to 20 per cent cheaper, while Melbourne fares have been reduced by up to 15 per cent. The latter comes with a catch — UberBLACK services have gone up by the same amount.

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You’ll find the announcements for Victoria and Perth over on Uber’s official blog. They also come with some pretty images to visualise how the pricing changes will affect the fares for common trips.




UberX Just Got Cheaper In Perth And Melbourne

So as long as you don’t mind take the non-luxury uberX (which I’m sure includes almost everyone reading this) the news is all good. Melbourne socialites on the other hand, UberBLACK will have you forking over a few more bucks:

Although UberBLACK is already the classiest ride in town, we think Melbourne deserves even more. We’re raising the bar on our premium chauffeur-driven services and raising prices 15% to reflect this. With these changes expect to see higher vehicle standards and more cars on the road when you need them most.

Then changes mean the base fare increases from $8 to $10, while the price per kilometre goes up to $2.40 from $2. Call me psychic, but I doubt this will be much of a tipping point for those who use the higher quality service frequently.

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