Coloors Makes It Incredibly Easy To Find The Perfect Colour Scheme

Coloors Makes It Incredibly Easy to Find the Perfect Colour Scheme

iOS/Web: Whether you're designing a web page or trying to find a decorating theme for your home, the right colour scheme is essential. The web site and iOS app Coloors makes finding new palettes as easy as pressing the space bar.

When you load up Coolors, it will instantly generate a palette of five colours that play well with each other. Hit the space bar and you'll be given an entirely fresh palette of different colours. Find a colour you like, but not the others? You can lock a colour and generate the next batch based off of what you kept.

You're even give the colour codes so you know exactly how to find that colour again. You can also export or save your palettes for later. You can download Coloors on the iOS App Store or check out the web app at the link below.

Coolors: The super fast colour schemes generator for cool designers [Coolors via Wired]


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