The Cheapest Five-Star Destinations In The World

The Cheapest Five-Star Destinations In The World

Five-star hotels tend to provide the best food and bedding in beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, they also have a rate to match. There are exceptions to the rule, however. The latest price index has revealed fourteen countries where Australians can score five-star hotel luxury for under $250 per night. If you want to travel in style without paying through the nose for it, these are the destinations to consider.

Hotels picture from Shutterstock’s latest hotel price index compared the average prices paid for hotels in 2014 and 2013, including five-star accommodations. It found destinations in Europe and Asia offered the most affordable five-star hotels globally, with Warsaw topping the list.

According to’s analysis, prices for rooms in Asia continue to offer the best-value luxury hotel deals for Australian travellers; especially when airfares are taken into account. Europe has also become a more affordable destination thanks to the depreciating Euro.

The world’s most affordable five-star accommodation destinations for Australians in 2014 were as follows:

Destination Average AUD price/night 2014
Warsaw $147
Mumbai $187
Bangkok $197
Delhi $198
Lisbon $206
Guangzhou $220
Budapest $229
Brussels $232
Jakarta $235
Prague $236
Berlin $241
Istanbul $241
Beijing $245
Shanghai $245


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