Reminder: Optus Quota-Free Netflix Kicks In Today

Reminder: Optus Quota-Free Netflix Kicks In Today

Netflix won’t be doing any more quota-free deals with Australian ISPs, but if you’re an Optus customer, today is the day that Netflix should stop counting against your cap.

We noted when the quota-free deals were announced that Optus would be offering quota-free Netflix, but that it wouldn’t happen until well after Netflix itself launched. That date is today, so from now on if you’re an Optus customer with Netflix, your usage shouldn’t count against your cap.

That being said, at least early this morning Optus Fetch boxes were still displaying the quota-in-use message, so it may take some time to filter through.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the quota-free deal only applies to Netflix Australia, so if you’re sneaking into Netflix US (or elsewhere), you’ll still be whacked with a data bill if you binge too often.


  • It’s also worth noting that this only applies to fixed line residential broadband plans.

    So quota is still counted on mobile phones.

  • Meh, I have unlimited through Optus so it doesn’t bother me. Although, with it being unmetered it dose mean I could move to a lower plan to save money.

    Edit: Forget that. Looking at their plans it’s cheaper to stay unlimited.

  • Its only ‘ quokka-free ‘ if you’re a French tourist… and then it’s a burning issue.

  • Bustle, discovered that Season 1 will only be available in the U.S. and Canada on Netflix in early 2016, So now AUSTRALIANS can subscribe to Netflix and STILL not get the up to date shows??

  • Signed up for Optus to get the 6 months free Netflix but no idea how to redeem it! I asked support but they had no idea either. I’d cry “bad support” but Iinet are still billing me for an account I canceled a month ago. Can’t win with anyone. End times are coming.

  • I so wish I could watch Netflix unmetered in my home as I am with Optus. Problem is if I do it will be one stuttering buffering mess because both Optus and Telstra keep not fixing the exchange which has been overcrowded for at least 2 years. I am currently enjoying broadband speeds of up to 0.3mbps and upload speeds of, wait what are upload speeds?

    Flagged it with them as many times as possible, they keep arguing over who needs to fix it, in the meantime I am enjoying a heavy discount and credits back to my account because of their screw-ups which they admitted to. However I’d like to have some fast internet for a change please.

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