Optus Will Offer Free Netflix To New Customers For Six Months

Optus Will Offer Free Netflix To New Customers For Six Months

We already knew Optus was planning to offer unmetered access to Netflix (though there’s a minor catch there). Turns out Optus is also planning to offer six free months of the service to customers who sign up for new broadband or mobile contracts, or who renew an existing deal.

The deal will run from Netflix’s Australian launch on March 24 through until July 5. It applies to any home broadband bundle costing $60 a month or more, any contract mobile phone plan costing $60 a month or more, or any mobile broadband contract plan costing $30 a month or more.

You’ll only get the free service when you sign up for a 24-month contract, so if you turn into a Netflix addict, you’ll have to pay up across the remaining 18 months. Optus’ unmetered deal only applies to its home broadband connections, so while you’ll potentially score free access on a mobile phone plan, you’ll still be using up data from your existing broadband connection. (We’d never recommend watching Netflix on a 4G connection in any case, since it will chew through your data very quickly.)

In a somewhat less generous offer, any customer who purchases a prepaid mobile phone or mobile broadband device will receive three months’ free Netflix access.

Optus’ announcement also notes that while it will be offering unmetered access for its home broadband customers, that won’t kick in until April 17 — almost a month after Netflix launches here. Be cautious with that binge watching in the first month, folks. We’d guess the complexities of integrating into Netflix’s content delivery network are the main issue here.

With a likely price for Netflix of around $10 a month here, this represents a potential saving of $60 (assuming you wanted Netflix in the first place). I’m not personally convinced that would be worth being tied into a 24-month contract that will potentially cost you several thousand dollars, but if you are going to sign up for a contract anyway, it’s a small but nice bonus.


  • Hooray! I’ve been waiting to sign up to the $90 unlimited Optus HFC bundle for this very reason. I was hoping there would be a Netflix bonus. This just made my day.

  • I would be all over their $90 unlimited deal if it wasn’t for the fact that my suburb wasn’t monoplised by Telstra.

  • 6 months?
    here have amazing free candy for 6 months, but after that you are paying ur body weight in gold for it?
    iinet and internode are doing it free are they not?

  • The unmetered thing is a bit of an afterthought now all their BB plans are unlimited anyway. I’ve been on their $90 plan for a month or so and streaming US Netflix through it. Nice to have HD turned on all the time now…

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