Google's 'Global Network Footprint' Vision For Cloud Still Doesn't Include Australia

Google today announced that its global loud balancing services for applications running on Google Cloud Platform have been expanded to 12 additional locations. Australia, however, is still nowhere on the list.

"With the expansion of Google's load balancing solution to 12 additional locations, your workloads running on Google Cloud Platform are closer in proximity to your users who are making service requests from all over the globe," Google's blog announcement notes. For Australia, however, that "proximity" means Singapore — not the ideal solution in latency terms.

The majority of Google's rivals do operate Australian data centres, including AWS, Azure, IBM, Cisco and VMware.

Google's network edge: presence, connectivity and choice for today's enterprise [Google Cloud Platform Blog]


    What issues would someone using Google Apps run into by running from Singapore in regards to latency?

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