Telstra's Cisco Cloud For Aussies Is Now In Pilot

Busy times if you're an enterprise testing new cloud infrastructure. Not only is Microsoft letting a handful of companies trial its Australian Azure sites, Telstra has begun a limited pilot of its Cisco-powered "InterCloud" offering for Australian companies.

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Telstra announced today that the OpenStack-based infrastructure- service is "now live in trial mode for selected Telstra customers and partners in Australia". No general release date was announced, though Telstra has previously said it will be generally available next year. Telstra also said the service will be available to customers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Telstra's push into regional markets comes at the same time as other cloud service providers are seeking to promote their Australian presence. Microsoft has said its Azure data centres in Sydney and Melbourne will be generally available within "months", and Amazon has extended from its Sydney presence with a Melbourne edge location.


    Dear Telstra,
    Congrats on attempting to take a cut from cloud technology...8 years on.
    Kind Regards
    Prisoner of the infrastructure.

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