IBM Finally Opens Sydney SoftLayer Data Centre

When IBM opened its first Australian SoftLayer data centre in Melbourne last year, it promised a second Sydney centre would be open by the end of the year. A few months behind schedule, the Sydney site is now live.

Picture: Gaynor

The launch of a second site allows IBM to offer redundant failovers and disaster recovery capacity without having to use an offshore server, which creates both latency problems and can stir up issues around data sovereignty. IBM had originally suggested that the Sydney site would launch within 60 days of the Melbourne service. As ever, it's hard to predict just how long major IT projects will take.


    who would have sovereignty over data on those servers, i vaguely remember there being something similar a while ago where one of the US agencies claimed that since the company with the servers was american the data should be available to them regardless of the server location or something to that affect (i cant remember the name of the company or the country),

    i am curious since IBM is an american company would that be the case here or do we have laws against that

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      The US government can subpoena for data. But subpoenas don't have to come from the government either. Sony sent a subpoena to Softlayers over a PS3 hacker's site. That whole issue is completely overblown in my opinion - unless you are doing something illegal.

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