Briefly: Best Male Haircuts, Video Game And Blu-ray Sale, Luftschloss!

Briefly: Best Male Haircuts, Video Game And Blu-ray Sale, Luftschloss!

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The six trendiest hairstyles for guys right now, Kotaku versus Game Of Thrones, 11 bizarre German words that have no English equivalent.

  • Kotaku editor Mark Serrels decided that he wouldn’t pirate Game Of Thrones this season. Instead, he would pay Foxtel to access the show like a law-abiding citizen. Except Foxtel blocked him at every turn.
  • Here are all of CSI: Cyber‘s cringeworthy tech buzzwords in one video. “Wi-Fi signals!”
  • If you can’t keep up with times, your hairstyle might quickly become outdated. This handy infographic will help ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • is having a warehouse clearance sale — get up to 80 per cent off games, Blu-rays, DVD box sets and geek apparel.


  • I believe the hair infographic has overlooked one critical failing… it doesn’t list the ultimate, all-purpose hair-cut as being clippers all over, number 1 or 2.

    Why… the one thing almost all their choices seem to have in common is that they require hair-product to style and maintain. Product sold by the company that produced the infographic. I call shenanigans!

    Seriously though, buzz your hair to be awesome.

    • I have too many scars and a really odd shaped head. People just stare when I shave it.

      • That’s why you just buzz it down to a 2 instead of shaving it. Leaves a suitable covering layer, but retains the manageable and good-looking simplicity of being shorn close.

    • I’m with you there – once you realise life’s too short to be messing around with your hair, you’re ready for a set of clippers.

  • Who has time for this hair thing?

    Agree with the clippers, no guard tho, 1 or 2 is too long.

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