NSW Drivers Can Now Get 10-Year Licences

NSW Drivers Can Now Get 10-Year Licences
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If you’re an eligible driver, you’re now able to get a decade’s worth of driving permission at a slightly reduced rate in NSW.

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The NRMA notes the change, which went into effect this week. A 10 year licence is obviously more convenient, but it’s also slightly cheaper, as it’ll cost $316 for a decade compared to $170 for a five year stretch.

That $316 fee could be even cheaper if you’ve already held a NSW licence continuously with zero relevant offences recorded against it for the five year period leading up to application. If that’s you, under the “fair go for safe drivers” provisions, the licence cost is cut in half.

There’s one significant restriction in play, however, and it’s to do with your age. The 10-year licence option is only open to drivers aged between 21 and 44 years at the time of licence renewal, with the reason cited being the possibility of strong visual changes (i.e, ageing) making driver identification difficult, and the need to test eyesight regularly for older motorists.

10-year driver licence now available for eligible motorists [NRMA]


  • Dang…I only renewed my license for 5 years last year :/

    At least I’ll still be under 44 by the time renewal rolls around again, provided this scheme is still in place.

  • “the possibility of strong visual changes (i.e, ageing) making driver identification difficult”

    Once I get a blue rinse, those coppers will never find me bwahahaha

  • I’m 56 the reason I can’t take advantage is bullshit, women change hair length and colour monthly and they can get a 10 yr licence if they are the ‘right’ age?! I on the other hand have my hair dyed the same colour every month so who is more likely to change looks?

    • It is not only because of that reason. Your eyesight can change dramatically over the coarse of ten years. Especially when you get “older”.

  • Shame I won’t be 21 when it comes time to upgrade mine to an open license in October this year but that’s probably good because maybe they’ll have sorted out the digital licenses by the time the 5 year renewal comes around.

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