GymBetter Lets You Visit Nearby Gyms Without Paying For A Membership

GymBetter Lets You Visit Nearby Gyms Without Paying For A Membership

iOS/Web: Despite increasing competition, gym memberships are expensive — especially if you don’t use them after signing up for a lengthy contract. GymBetter locates nearby gyms and lets you visit them for a fixed fee.

Developed by Medibank and available as an iOS app and a mobile-optimised web site, GymBetter claims to offer access to more than 500 gyms in Australia. (Most are part of three major chains: Anytime Fitness, Fitness First and Goodlife.)

You can search by using your current location or by entering a place name or postcode. Once you’ve located a gym you want to visit, you purchase an access pass within the app (it’s paid for via credit card). Since the app stores your basic details, there aren’t any forms to fill out when you hit the gym.

Passes cost $11.95 each, or $8.50 if you’re a Medibank member with hospitals and extras cover. After you have purchased eight passes in a calendar month, any subsequent visits are free. So effectively you can have a no-contract gym membership for $95.60 a month, or $68 if you’re a Medibank customer.

If you really do attend the gym every day, then a membership might still prove to be cheaper. However, if you like switching between gyms, only use the gym as an occasional fitness option, don’t want to be stuck with a contract, or want the ability to visit nearby gyms on the road when travelling, then GymBetter is a potentially useful option.


GymBetter [iTunes App Store]


  • My FF contract = $79/month.
    I go max 8 times.
    No access to Platinum FF gyms – they have also recently turned a lot of normal gyms to Platinum.
    Contract ending soon! Switching to GymBetter for sure 🙂

    Does anyone know about access to lockers if you don’t have a membership card??

  • $68/month is expensive compared to my $44 24/7, Snap gym membership. Also there is a FF in Indro and those gyms don’t have good squat racks and you can’t do drops on deadlifts and yeah not too focused on safety.

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