Why Your Gym May Be Getting Cheaper

Why Your Gym May Be Getting Cheaper

Australia is seeing an increasing number of 24-hour gyms. Even if exercising at 2am isn’t your thing, there’s a positive outcome: regular gyms are becoming cheaper as a result.

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An analysis of the local fitness market by IBISWorld suggests that gyms in Australia are earning $1.3 billion a year. The fastest growth is in 24-hour gyms, which offer extended hours and more flexible contracts but typically don’t have many dedicated classes. The two largest 24-hours chains, Anytime Fitness and Jetts, have 600 branches between them.

IBISWorld suggests this growth has also influenced more traditional gyms: “Full-service gyms are beginning to fight back against this fierce competition by reducing prices, offering more flexible contracts and providing special services.” So if you’re not happy with your current gym, threaten to shift to a 24-hour chain and see what happens.


  • So let’s break it down… what are people paying?

    GoodLife : $13 a week – Anywhere membership (previous corporate discount a few years ago)


    • My local YMCA / Council Owned leisure centre is charging around $36 per fortnight, but that does included Gym, Classes, Spa/Sauna, Pool etc etc. However it has regularly gone up 20-50c over the past few years.

    • AnytimeFitness. I paid 12 months up front for I believe $10.95 per week. Week by week was $13.95. Might have gone up a $1 though.

  • Gym equipment at my house: $0 monthly fee using cheap second hand equipment on gumtree.

    Seriously if you have the space, you can setup for about $2-300 worth of stuff like weights etc and you can save loads…

    And don’t think you can’t get seriously fit at home either, because that’s just a poor excuse. I’ve been working out 5 days a week at home for the past 2 years. Save time too.

    • I used to do this, and still retain some equipment at home, but I (anecdotally) have found that over time it is harder to focus on your training while still being at home – interruptions from spouses, etc, phone calls, pets, kids and the like are all sources of distraction, and as someone with an ‘on the side’ small business, getting off site is important to compartmentalise your focus properly and recharge mentally.

      Anytime fitness charges differently depending on when you joined and how long you commit for, but I pay about $13-$14 per week.

      • Yeah I hear you, each to their own. Because I have kids and spouse is why I work out at home, no time to spare driving out and getting to the gym, that’s 20 mins wasted time. Once the kids are in bed I can duck out to the back and do a few sets etc.

    • Yeah I did this few years back before I moved. Haven’t the room now and a couple of kg lighter to. You do it properly and regularly it works at home as well as gym for the most part.

  • My gym is a small local gym opened at the beginning of this year in the Inner west of Adelaide. Peak24. Amazingly clean, modern, very friendly and helpful and 10 mins walk from home. All for $42 per month ($9.90 pw ).

  • I think I am going to do exactly that! Threaten to leave Finance First.
    Besides it being refurbished and renewed, $43 per fortnight. And I’ll be damned if the showers are cleaned even once a day for such a high volume amenity.
    Complaining also does not help. Seeing the same discarded plasters in the shower on Monday (from previous Friday) is not very inspiring.

  • Local PCYC gym $10 a week direct debit with no lock in contract.
    The only downside is that they’re closed on weekends and only open at 6am on Mon-, Wed- and Fridays

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